Saturday, November 7, 2009


I joked to a friend last night that running for office seems mostly to consist of calling up everyone I have ever known and asking him or her for a contribution. I've raised money in the past for causes I believe in, and I have contributed freely to those causes, and many others, but it is a bit more challenging to call on my own behalf. My decision to run for this office is motivated out my desire to be of service. I think the breadth of my experience as a lawyer in my 28 years of practice, including what amounts to a kind of judicial apprenticeship working for two extraordinary judges, has uniquely prepared me for the bench. It is my hope that when the voters learn about me, my temperament, and my qualifications, they will come to the same conclusion. But I have to get the word out and this is where the money comes in. The cause I am advocating this time is my own and I am grateful to the friends who are making it their cause as well.

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  1. Michael, of course you have my support in any way I can. All the best to you.

    Henry and I waited too long to be married as I was in Europe during the election when our rights were restricted--this is a great saddness to me. I am so happy that you and your husband were able to secure what I hope to have in a short time. In the meantime we will celebrate our 20th year together this summer.

    Friendly regards,